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A strong consortium is built that covers all the necessary technology areas to achieve the challenging ambition of the NEXIS project. The partners in the consortium have been carefully selected and together cover the complete value chain and expertise that is required to bring the NEXIS deliverables from development phase, to product development and product commercialization. 

Partners in the project will develop collectively new photonic components (TNO, IMEC, 3DCeram) based on new materials, innovative foil technology and processes including the required X-ray detector manufacturing steps (Trixell). The newly developed spectral detector and related advanced image processing (TU/e, KU Leuven), including deep learning, will be integrated (Philips) in a Philips Cone Beam CT system. Karolinska hospital in Stockholm will perform clinical evaluation  

211208 NEXIS M48 virtual meeting.png

NEXIS Team during the virtual M48 Final Meeting. 

NEXIS M36 meeting 4.jpg

NEXIS Team during the virtual M36 Progress Meeting. 

NEXIS M24 Meeting - group photo.jpeg

NEXIS Team during the M24 Progress Meeting at TNO / Holst Centre, Eindhoven, NL. 

NEXIS Group photo Moirans meeting May 20

NEXIS Team during the M18 Progress Meeting at Trixell, Moirans, FR. 

181114 NEXIS Group photo.jpg

NEXIS Team during the M12 Progress Meeting at KU Leuven, BE

(with the first image sensor prototype). 

NEXIS Team during the M6 Progress Meeting at Karolinska, Stockholm, SE. 

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